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  1. Any grant allocation must be applied to the specific purpose stated on the application and to no other purpose. Acceptance of payment will be deemed to confirm that the grant allocation has or will be applied accordingly.
  2. That the allocation is made as a grant, a gift from Trust funds, made on the condition that no procuration fee, commission and or discount has or will be paid to any person and that no identifiable direct benefit arises or may arise in the form of a supply of goods or service to any party involved as a result of the payment being made.
  3. In the event of non-compliance, to these conditions, which includes any retrospective use of the funds granted, an amount equal to the allocated amount is immediately repayable by the recipient to the Trust.
  4. Any grant made by the Trust is exempt of Goods and Services Tax.
  5. The Trust requires that an acknowledgement of grant to be completed and returned to the Trust, once funds have been received by the recipient organisation.
  6. Any uniforms or equipment purchased from grant money will need to remain the property of the club/group/school.


Audit and Inspection

Blue Waters Community Trust records will be inspected and audited by the Department of Internal Affairs. Blue Waters Community Trust is required to render details of all donations to the Department of Internal Affairs. This grant application is made with the understanding that if any Department of Internal Affairs office so requests, the applicant organisation shall agree to and participate in (at its own expense) any such inspections and/or audit. The Trust may also request information and verification as to how the funds were used.


Grant Criteria

Blue Waters Community Trust is authorised to operate gaming machines to raise money for the following purposes:

  • any charitable purpose;
  • any non-commercial purpose that is beneficial to the while or a section of the community; and
  • promoting, controlling, and conducting race meetings under the Racing Act 2003, including the payment of racing stakes.


Grants can only be made for the following authorised purposes.

The object of Blue Waters Community Trust shall be to distribute funds to a discretionary beneficiary or beneficiaries on the basis that such distributions are used to:

  1. Foster, encourage, and safeguard the game of amateur bowls and other amateur sports in New Zealand through the promotion of health through sport and recreational activity;
  2. Acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise any real property or rights or privileges which may be considered necessary or expedient for attaining the objects of the Trust;
  3. Lay down, prepare, and maintain bowling greens and other playing areas, and build or otherwise provide pavilions, clubhouses, sheds, workshops, shelters, and other buildings and conveniences in connection therewith, and equip, furnish, alter, enlarge, improve, repair, uphold, and maintain the same respectively for the benefit of the community;
  4. Promote, foster, and encourage the New Zealand Bowling Umpires’ Association and the District Umpires’ Association and the Coaches Association in their educational work and advancement of bowls as a recreational activity;
  5. Promote, foster, and encourage the Greenkeepers’ Association, Blind Bowlers Association and any other amateur body or association related to the game of lawn bowls;
  6. Foster, support and encourage any amateur game or sport where the game or sport is conducted for the benefit of the general public and the promotion of health or education;
  7. Provide financial assistance for the provision of amateur sporting and other recreational facilities for the use of the general public for the promotion of health or education;
  8. Provide financial assistance for the provision of educational programmes, training facilities, equipment, or amenities for the promotion of health or education; and
  9. Benefit educational, cultural, health, environmental, recreational, or philanthropic activities that are for charitable purposes.

The objects of the Blue Waters Community Trust are to distribute funds to its discretionary beneficiaries on the basis that such distributions support and promote the interests of its discretionary beneficiaries.  “Discretionary beneficiaries” means Auckland Bowls Incorporated together with its successors and assigns and any person or organisation undertaking charitable, philanthropic, cultural, educational or any other purpose that is beneficial to the community or any section or amateur organisation within it.

The above authorised purpose includes (but is not limited to):

  • the promotion and development of amateur rugby union football, within rugby clubs affiliated to the New Zealand Rugby Football Union Incorporated deemed to have subscribed to and be bound by the constitution and rules of the New Zealand Rugby Football Union Incorporated;
  • the promotion and development of amateur sport through direct support of amateur sporting bodies. Grants are only issued to sports bodies which are formally established and/or legally constituted;
  • public sports facilities (e.g. a stadium) provided that the facilities are not used primarily for professional sport;
  • wages and salaries where the employing body has an entirely non-commercial community or charitable purpose and provided that the payment of a wage is necessary to achieve the authorised purpose;
  • general public education;
  • non-profit community cultural or arts festivals;
  • the promotion of public amenities such as parks or museums; and
  • supporting non-commercial emergency rescue services.


Grants will not be made for:

  • groups or individuals standing for an election to public office;
  • lobby groups or action/pressure groups (e.g. Greenpeace, or Sensible Sentencing Trust);
  • social events, e.g. school balls, family reunions, entertainment in pubs or clubs, sporting trips for supporters or spectators, or after match functions for sporting groups;
  • personal or commercial gain;
  • professional sport; or
  • non-affiliated “social sports clubs (such as corporate leagues).



Applications are deemed retrospective if goods/services have been paid for or the event has taken place before the application has been presented and a decision made by Blue Waters Community Trust Directors.

  1. Anything intended to further the activities of professional sports persons or teams.
  2. Any individual sport person unless the grant is made to and administered by an incorporated sporting body.
  3. Anything related to a hotel social club.
  4. Third party donor organisations (e.g. service clubs).
  5. Food and entertainment.
  6. Dress uniforms.
  7. Funding for fundraising events.
  8. Purchase or subsidy of vehicles intended for purposes associated with social functions.

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